The background of the project


  For the implementation of the "The Development Program of Chinese Children (Year 2011-2020)”, and “The Development Program of China Rural Poverty Alleviation (Year 2011-2020)”, to improve the infant nutrition and health condition in poor areas, and improve the popularity of scientific feeding knowledge for children’s parents, National Health Commission of PRC co-operates with the All-China Women's Federation, carrying out the improvement program of infant nutrition in poor areas in concentrated special difficulty areas

About 45% of deaths among children under five in the world are related to malnutrition. And malnutrition is mostly related to poverty. There are 8500 children a day, 3.1 million children a year die of malnutrition in the world. Without attention and help, even this kind of children survive, due to malnutrition, they face growth retardation, poor study performance, and poor intellectual performance in adulthood which directly influence their intelligence and working ability. Even though they are living, they still strike into poverty.  

The nutrition specialists get the result from field research that the major reasons for infant malnutrition are not poverty and feeding. They believe that, the first 1000 days of the infants are the key to solve the malnutrition problem in poor areas. 

With concentrated study for years, the nutrition specialists of Chinese Center for Disease Control developed the “nutrition package” for effective nutrition supplement. 

A 12g “nutrition package” took the science team represented by Professor Chen Chunming, the nutrition specialist and the first director of Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine (the former of Chinese Center for Disease Control) more than 15 years. Professor Chen Chunming’s science team provided the workable technology and method to change the malnutrition condition, and promoted the Chinese government to improve the infant nutrition condition in poor areas as a national policy.

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