Company Environment


Our company strives to create a home atmosphere with a clean and tidy office environment, making every employee feeling a sense of home belonging and dependence. 



Our company strictly comply with the industrial standards, owns instruments and equipment with high precision and high accuracy, and insists on issuing objective and fair testing report. At present, our company owns advanced modern laboratory, and builds the laboratory management system according to ISO17025. We have rich experience in products testing, and maintain long-term and close co-operations with many international authoritative testing and certification institutions to improve products quality and brand reputation, and to strengthen competitive advantage. 




Our company optimizes the production environment according to the GMP standard, introduces advanced production equipment and realizes intelligent and automatic production.

We realizes automatic processing and production, including automatic batching, automatic cleaning, etc. Authorization management is carried out on key control points and key parameters such as cleaning and sterilization, and automatic whole-process monitoring is carried out on fixed multi-dimensional parameters such as heating, time period, material variables, etc. 


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