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360glotus root starch series
  • 360g lotus root starch soup with chia seed and nuts

    Flavor:chia seed and nuts
    Catagory:lotus root starch soup
    Net content:360g
    Quality guarantee period:12 months
    Storage method:please store the product in shady and dry places, and keep sealed. Please finish the product as soon as possible after opening.
    Methods: 1. put one stick of the product in the cup; 2. add a little cold water(about 10ml), and stir evenly; 3. add 130ml 95℃ hot water, stir into translucence gluing shape, and eat directly. (notes: 1. The temperature of the water from water dispenser are not hot enough for shaping, don’t use it directly for brewing; 2. If fail to brew without the right temperature of the water, you could put it into the microwave oven heating for 30s. )

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